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Founded by Paul Brandley, Spartan International Consulting Group provides a wide array of top quality yet affordable services across private, law enforcement, and military sectors, including realistic training, equipment, consulting, and personal protection. In essence, the group’s mission is to physically equip and mentally prepare today’s modern warrior for potentially violent confrontations with unpredictable adversaries, and to secure the peaceful and innocent from those who wish to bring them harm.

Are you involved with a law enforcement agency? Are you committed to protecting and preparing your officers with cutting edge technologies and techniques? Spartan International’s Paul Brandley will bring his customizable training curriculum right to your agency, enabling you to train more officers for less money.

Paul BrandleyAbout Paul Brandley

With twenty years of law enforcement experience, Paul Brandley is currently a detective sergeant with the Pawtucket Rhode Island Police Department, as well as a Team Leader/Training Coordinator on the Special Response Team. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice, as well as instructor certifications in Patrol Rifle, MP-5 Subgun, Rapid Deployment Techniques, and Defensive Tactics.

Mr. Brandley has helped resolve preplanned and spontaneous critical incidents, including hostage situations, barricaded gunmen, high risk warrant service, and crime suppression assignments. Additionally, he helped develop statewide mandatory standards for tactical training and safety. Since these standards were implemented, Paul has served as a POST evaluator, certifying tactical training programs of agencies all around the state.

In his current role, Paul has both conducted and supervised investigations involving juvenile and adult offenders who have committed a wide array of offenses, including capital offenses such as robbery, rape, and murder. He was also responsible for overseeing a gun task force, and for conducting investigations of shootings involving officers. He was trained in crime scene investigations at the University of Rhode Island and the Rhode Island State Crime Lab.

Throughout his substantial career, Paul Brandley has served on his agency’s Use of Force Review Committee, and has instructed officers in various subjects such as SWAT Tactics, Defensive Tactics, Use of Force, active shooter response, barricaded subject response, patrol operations, firearms, and chemical and less lethal munitions. Brandley has trained law enforcement officers at the local, state, and federal level, as well as military personnel. He has extensive experience in designing and developing curricula and training programs.

Mr. Brandley also serves as the Vice President of the Rhode Island Tactical Officers Association, and is a member of the RI Criminalist Association, the Florida SWAT Association, the National Tactical Officers Association, and the FBI National Academy Associates. He has also served on personal protection details for high profile individuals and celebrities, and has been published a number of law enforcement periodicals.